My head is heavy with weariness and yet, the day is not yet done. The candles are already burning low, throwing flickering shadows upon the suffocating walls, like wayang kulit. Whence forth will this insufferable pile of work end?

Have you ever wonder how majestic the Night is? How lonely it is? The silence of it is so deafening that I could hear the dripping of the water from the minature fountain. Coupled with the occasional caws of crows that cannot sleep, it is wondrously peaceful and weirdly, in a meditative way.

Though Sleep still beckons to me through the soft folds of her cloak, hiding mysteries behind the thinnest of veils, I cannot yield. Be stedfast and soon it will pass like another nightmare.

I have to turn back to my tomes now. They are waiting for me to pore over. And before I take my leave, a hello to my Estonian friend over yonder. Thank you for dropping by. Your attention is verily much appreciated.

And as a last word. You do know what I am going to say. Its on the cusp of my lips, yearning to come out, but fearing that you would be pushed to a decision, I will stay my tongue.

All this comes out too weird. Perhaps I shall make further changes if the mood satisfies me.

Till then.

Your servant


3 thoughts on “111160800142386680

  1. Decisions decisions… Sometimes I hate to make them too. Something has to be done when a problem is made known. They bring along new responsibilities in your life whether you welcome them or not…

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