Fly Me To The Moon

Yet again, I slipped more into the dark abyss of darkness, ever so little. Inching closer and closer to the pitch black Valley Of Death.

Out of the shell I have stepped into the blistering light, and I am dead certain of my decision, and I will die trying if so need be. A reach for the unassailable moon hung up high in the midst of the twinking stars.

Dead sure.

The Heart is a burden don’t you think so? Weighing you back, holding you back. If only I have no heart. Alas, I have one. And that makes me vulnerable to certain fallacies of Man.

I am Fallen. My name now lies among those fallen ones, those that laid nameless, forsaken to the four winds. And so, perhaps, i shalt be forsaken as well.I am not strong in this aspect. I dare not claim that I am. For once, I was invulnerable but now Fallen.

But still, I have to be dead sure.

As usual, I speaketh in metaphors. Decipher that if you want to dear readers. If not, please leave me be.

Your servant

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