An Eulogy For The Angel Down There

I feel languid. As if I was drowning in water. My heart is a burden to me. With it, I cannot be free of all the fallacies in this world. I am yet tied to this terra firma. Is there a utopia out there where I can fly to?

I see it sinking, perhaps I should really hand it over after all. These affairs are bogging me down. An eulogy for my heart perhaps? Soon soon. Soon the time will pass.

Play a song for me ma cherie. Sing of the golden dawn that heralds everything. Sing of the past glory that was. Of the wonderful times that were had. Of the blood shed and of lives given up. Just so that all could be that it was today. Is this our farewell here?

A sampling of my mad rambling once again.

Yours truly


An Eulogy For The Angel Down There

As the bard sits in the old corner
Of the drab little inn called The Old Goose
He plucks the strings of his golden harp
And he began to sing of a mournful tune

One that was already forgotten in the Wheel of time
Thrown to the dogs and buried under dust
Scattered across the far winds
To the four desolated corners of the earth
Where Sorrow, Despair, Anguish and Hope stands guard

And he weaves oh what a beautiful yet tragic pattern
Like a master craftsman lost to the Old Ages
And you could almost see wings beating in the air
Are those the fairies you heard of in tales
Can the tales be true after all?

And as the tune weaves its magic
It reminds you of your own burden
Deep down in the dungeons of your heart
Locked away in that barless prison

A tribute to the dead a song for the living
And that is how he sings it, no effort held back
A swansong for him it seems, a legacy of memories

The sadness for the lost, the forgotten heroes
Of what they stood for, valour and honour
And what they were returned in the currency of treachery and sorrow
The death of the brave

And on that day the heavens broke the trumpets sounded
For an army was about to
Multiply the ranks in heaven
But woe to those below

His vocals quivered, his brows narrowed
Exertion casts a pall upon him, draws him nearer to the precipice
But he forged on, unbending against the wave of destruction

The sadness in the air so palpable
Hangs thick like the winter frost
And the inn fell silent, the drunk dumbstruck
And for a moment there was such a peace

Lo behold another heavenly voice casted into the fray
A roaring soprano building like a tidal wave
Gently holding up the old man
As his eyes glinted with the spirit of the warrior

And as the song weaves, the voice dances gently
Upon the air they together complement each other
Blending two forces into one
As the song reached a crescendo

The room began to tear
Touched beyond what they would ever realise
Hearts unbroken again remade
Like a master bard

As the song draws to a close Time stood still
Not willing to intefere for Awe was present
And never again will the world hear of such
For he was the last Master Bar of the Old Ages
And the mysterious voice was nowhere to be found

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