I have no idea what to pen
Put it against the paper
It comes out black
Which is reasonable
But not on black paper

My mind is a blank
A clean slate afresh
Thinks back to the past
It’s all a faux pas


Hello my dear reader,

How are you? I apologise for this brief hiatus for I was encumbered with countless commitments to say the very least. There were many matters that I had to attend to, and some that are still unfinished.

Just digging up some old stuff that I had written when I encountered the ever-infamous writer’s block. As you can see, it was quite serious. So serious that these things above should never see the light at all. But then, there’s always a first time. Right? As they say it best, shit happens.

Yours truly

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One thought on “muse-blocked

  1. Good to see you back and blogging again, I was beginning to wonder if there was something wrong with my browser.
    An interesting piece for something that’s extracted out of the notorious writer’s block. As they say, make the best of the situation. I think you did just that.–>

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