Salud, dinero, amor

Hello dear reader. I see you have been making yourself comfortable in the lounge eh? And judging by the glazed look in your eyes of onyx, I see you have summarily helped yourself to my collection of liquors. You like the Russian vodka? Or the Cuban white rum better? The white rum is a new bottle just acquired today only. And so is the Black Label whisky. I have Gordon’s Gin, Smirnoff’s Vodka, Jim Bean Black, Jose Cuervo 1800 mix, Johnnie Walker Black and Bailey’s Irish Cream. Help yourself to the mixers over the yonder also.

But before you drink yourself silly, let me just tell you what happened today. I ask you, have you seen any person wearing all black dressed in pentagrams and bracelets doing shopping? Hah, you should have been in Centrepoint Cold Storage, then you would have caught the misfit running some pleasurable errands. Pleasurable in the sense that, ah well, there are guests to be entertained, and the range of liquors, though not extensive, but comparable to a bar’s housepours, need to be coaxed into the oesophagi somehow right?

I see you nodding your head and Abinsthe seems to be standing behind you with a scapel for your nape, better be careful my dear, take a little care on the drinks, especially when I am wasting my time talking to you.

To cut the long story short, this little guy was running all over the shop, looking for more liquors, garnishes and more mixers to go with. Indeed, Cold Storage Centrepoint is really a barman’s heaven. And he did went to heaven, albeit only for a while.

And now, he’ll be expecting guests.




Tiempo para disfrutarlos.

Yours truly as always



One thought on “Salud, dinero, amor

  1. Hah, yes. My battle with exams commences next saturday. Thank you.

    Your post reminds me of Ira Levin’s book: Rosemary’s Baby, ever read it before? Well if you haven’t, you really ought to. =)

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