Arthurian Times

Now this is going to be hilarious. I have no idea what happened when I was leafing through the parchments of some tomes but suddenly the theme King Arthur metamorphsized in my head. And this is the end product after a certain length of time was spent crafting it. It took me quite a while, but nothing as compared to the epics on him. Bon Appetit~

Yours truly

Judgment Day

In the dark bowels of the earth
Among the crusty tomes he lies unloved
There he lies motionless in wait
For the day he will be called upon again

A Seynt to the world saviour of all Mankind
Only need be Excalibur brandished by his line
And all shades of darkness advance naught
For he is the One Returned all fret not

Banishment and betrayal by his own kin
Stabbed by Excalibur’s dark twin
A mortal wound to the soul and its husk
Drove him back from the world at dusk

Peril blighted the world meanstwhile
Man killing man with a sardonic smile
Atrocities abound darkness reigns supreme
Under the monstrosity’s regime

Bidding by his time and troops
Gather’d all the foul waste in one fell swoop
As the raped world cries out to him
Flaying its very limbs

Judgment shalt thereafter be passed
Let not evil’s reign last
For Excalibur is brandished true to lore
And the Light graces the lands once more

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