searching infinite

I’m just here to clarify something whilst I search for my dear Muse. O where has she gone to frolick? That matter aside, since I have taken away the tagboard, whatever comments that my dear visitors leave, I shall attempt to answer them on the very post that they left it on themselves, not the most recent ones.

And meanwhile, my search for my muse resumes.

Yours truly

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6 thoughts on “searching infinite

  1. It is most ironic to hear you say that my language surprises you, the sole reason of my burgeoning animosity was because I thought myself too weak in grasping it.

    But that was irrelevant;
    Lady Muse has taken a brief hiatus I see. I can almost imagine how remarkably dreary one feels with the absence of another so dear.
    I wish you good luck in locating her again. =)

  2. Being of creativity,
    show yourself now to me.
    Your light that shines upon our face,
    let our vision now embrace.

    Hope you find your muse…:)

  3. You are so right about it. My apologies for flooding your comments post. Father Time just permit me to write a short verse…may it stretch your imagination, whilst your muse is frolicking amongst the clouds.
    Let mind and body soar
    To heights not reached before.
    Let limits stretch.
    That you may catch
    A new truth to explore.

  4. Ah mysterious poster, you play mind games with me eh? Short bursts of creativity are better than none at all. I have a half written piece here, but it can’t see the light of the world yet.

    Yours truly

  5. On hindsight, after some pondering over your creative burst, the last line is a bit off on the rhythm 🙂 And no worries for flooding the comments posts. I’m exhilarated to have company such as yours.

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