A drop of water from the sky it falls
Lifeless forms void of hope below
Manna to the parched land of lore

Laying to seed a rose
With its thorns to prick
But a beauty to behold

~Dedicated to Melis and Shuhui. Two skeptics I know~

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2 thoughts on “Skepticism

  1. Different perspectives, my friend.
    These angels are not of God’s, you forget that I am agnostic, one of the ‘lost sheep’, you see.

    I don’t quite know how to put it in a way so that I will not end up writing an essay, but
    Who is to know what we were before our birth?
    Think of it as questioning why humanity is humanity.

    How can we be one winged-angels when the crevasse of sin separates us from God himself?
    Yes, true. But you forget God does not exist in the lands where I frolic.
    At least not yet.

    No offences meant.

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