Before I proceed on with this entry, let me first draw your restless attention to the changes around. I have took down the chatterbox already, for I feel it deviates away from the theme of this blog. Makes too much chatter around. From now on, please leave your precious comments in where else but comments under each post. And I thank each and every soul that has wandered by. for spending their time reading and leaving their comments. Thanks to Rhys too 🙂 Enough of this inane chatter already, let’s get on with the meat.

As each mudane day whizzes by, like a merry-go-round in a stupid circus spinning to some crappy melody of old, as the pain and the numbness of the modern materialistic world pushes spikes into your pulsing brain, do you ever take refuge in some solitary corner of yourself? Do you feel your psyche retreating into one corner of your soul, where nothing can harm you. Where you are the queen and everyone else are your pawns.

I have. Music is my retreat into my world. My Arcardia. I leave this physical world, as if I have took a train or sprouted glistening wings, and flew to another plane that is non-existent to human eyes. From there, the mortal emotions sprung free like some rusty tap gone wrong, and the view is like a myriad of colours on a canvass. At times, they threatened to wear me down into the depths of the void, threatening my sanity. At times, they lift me high up into the multitude currents of the air, not unlike an eagle soaring freely on the warm winds. Those are the times that I feel most isolated from the world. Even standing at Antarctica can’t provide you with the same feeling.

I have a friend that has her own world too. A world lost in the dramas of telvision. A world where she can cry to herself and get emotional without embarrassment. Such are the vicissitudes of life that you need a refuge from the harsh and obnoxious reality of the world.

Where is your place of refuge then?

Yours truly

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