5 years

Tumultous beginning of the week it heralds. Topsy turvy. Though cliche, mayhap for this week the predominant theme may be that change is the only constant. For not only am I metamorphising into some alien being unknown to my subconscious, but change is occuring all around me. The Wheel has turned a full cycle I believed. To have met old friends and more, those people that I had lost contact with over the course of 5 short years.

Is 5 years that short? Or is it long? In the course of such time, much has changed. Some have remained in a state of stasis, some have shed their skin to open their beautiful silvery wings. Which group do you belong to? The former or the latter? Is it beneficial to remain in stasis? I do admit, much to my chagrin, I have changed to. Whether for the better or worse, I dare not judge. I do not have that much hubris as to judge myself. It’s is in the eyes of others, which speaking of, I do not really give a 5 pence worth too. Mortal life is too short to be spent satisfying other people that have insatiable wants. You give them some, they want more.

5 years. Enough for me to change drastically, a 180 degrees turn. Much has happened in the past 5 years. And it’s time for me to take the back burner. Is it that much to ask for? Are some things too much to ask for? I didn’t ask for some, but it was given to me. Yet I wanted some other, and it was kept out of reach from me. The painful irony of it all.

5 years. Enough time to have served national service two times during my period of 2 and a half years. Reminiscence. About life. Commissioning. It brings back splintered memories, some of which screamed to be forgotten, some which yearned to be remembered.

5 years. Enough time. Enough time for a brand new person again.

5 years…

Yours truly

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