Black and White

The heart is silent
A dead organ, quietly doing its job
Pumping blood all over

The keys lie untouched
White becomes gray juxtaposed
Against the black

Devoid of feelings
Is the status quo
Not to crumble easily

Don’t give in to temptation
Play a song of melody
However sweet it may be

Incubus of the night
Drawing you with its charms
Behind it hides the serrated arms

Hypocritcal Cupid
Poison lines its arrows
With an inverted head

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6 thoughts on “Black and White

  1. I’ll have to agree, CI is very crowded.
    Was I? Perhaps I was lurking around, perhaps not. But if I was, then perhaps everyone was oblivious regarding my age. Heh.

    Well if you ever happen to overhear heated conversations over operas like Carmen and Die Fledermaus, that might just be us. =)

  2. What a funny situation, hahaha.
    No, I usually avoid any interaction with big groups.
    Those young punks definitely need to aquaint with their alcoholic capacity. To them it’s more of “Look I drink alcohol hahaha, I am sooo cool.” than really appreciating what they’re pouring down their throats. Tsk.

    So.. well, guess. It’s quite clear isn’t it?
    Though I am honestly still unable to terms with a friday night out like that.
    But who were you? I may have a vague idea, hahah, but I wasn’t paying attention. Much.

  3. beautiful.
    a dead Organ doing its job: lifeless, monotonous.
    Greying keys, overwhelmed by its dusty visitors that came and go:
    Just like the heart, facing issues of lives, piling on top of each other.

    Sometimes we are just existing for the sake of it; not knowing that we are already dying on the inside.

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