Ma Cherie

How I wished I could call her ma cherie
The apple of my eye oh how sweet that is!
Her lying there among the soft gossamer lounge
Looking ever so peaceful and lovely

The beauty of the sunset pales in comparison
Blooming flowers metamorph into weeds in Eden
Her aura ever so addictive
Let Venus be the judge!

Bright orbs of her eyes
Windows to her very soul
Have so bewitched poor me
Turned me into a fit of salivating corpse
Drowning haplessly in her beauty

O but she is not mine!
What a tragedy that befits the jester, the lament of the soul
Rings out through the streets a funeral pall
Bells tolling without a stop in the yonder
“Rafael come back! Reality calls for you!”

Au revoir ma cherie
My heart pines for you so
And we are separated again
You in this world me in its mirror
Hope could never ever bridge the distance

Oh how I yearn! My heart cries out loud!
The withdrawal from such spatial bliss
A feast for all the five senses
Like an angel tearing out his wings
I would give up flight of fantasy
Just for a twinkling of eternity

Condemn myself to hell ever
An angel shackled in chains
Burning in the depths of purgatory
Save for the icy comfort of your company
A cooling salve for my burning soul

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2 thoughts on “Ma Cherie

  1. Thank you.
    I see you are doing good as well. Splendidly written, this is.

    I have a tendency of working backwards when writing poetry, perhaps that explains the awkward last stanza.

    The pungent smell of love fills air.
    Love, or lust?

    Pardon me.

  2. Sometimes pieces written in the heat of the moment turn out to more interesting than those which have gone through careful thought and planning. I find there is a certain clarity about this piece.

    About love/lust I shall not say more. I believe you are more experienced in this area to be able to relate better to it.

    Some irrelevance; I found it rather amusing how CI is literally spilling over with people after dark. =)

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