Letter #17

Dear Reader,

As I was walking in the early wee hours this morning, when the tranquility of the atmosphere hit me like a brick thrown squarely in the face. I had seldom felt such calmness. It was as if the sea was beside me, and I could hear the waves soothing my perplexed senses. A sense of calm had washed over me, and I felt detached from the world. It was akin to an out of body experience, except that technically, I wasn’t out of my body.

I felt like I was looking at the world from outside, from the void beyond at the hustle bustle in the city. The people moving around hurriedly like ants, from point A to point B, determinedly with a sense of purpose. However, something was still not right with the people I could see. Even from such a heightened plane, I could sense that they were still incomplete and imperfect in the Lord’s eye. Forgive me for I am not a saint myself too, but just a sinner, and an immortal one at that. Where is the emotional core of Man? Where is the spirituality in the golden ages? Every now and then, there would be these New Age hippies that sprout out like mushrooms after the rain, smoking hash and gibbering nonsense to the people. Except that it was not nonsense. They are the only people with enough sense and spiritual ability to ascend the physical plane and elevate themselves into the sixth plane. They don’t speak nonsense. They speak the truth. If only those people would bother listening to them. But with the age of rationalisation, the governments seek to “protect” the people from these labelled as weirdos. The hash they called it drugs, detrimental to the body they say. Not so if you use it correctly.

I feel like I am born into the wrong time. I have came into being in this world too late to experience the wonders. No one feels the same thing as me anymore. All they care are materialistic pursuits. Where is the spirituality? Does anyone even know about the lore? Wiccanism? Who practises it anymore? The institutions have drove it far away into isolated corners of the world to prevent the people from seeking out the light. We all live in the darkness now. And everyone is amazingly still contented with their lives. If only they have eyes to see the wondrous things. Call me delusional. Perhaps I am. But my world is more real than yours. In my deluded world, things exist in their correct elements. Not so in yours. Pollution. Natural disasters. Global warming. Sea levels rising. Soon we’ll witness the extinction of Man itself, and it will herald another coming age for Earth. A new species will rise up to take over the mantle, and perhaps the vicious cycle will repeat itself all over again.

Yes, I agree. I can see that you are looking at each other and complaining that I am preaching too much. But who cares. When I see your dead corpses flung over the ends of the world, I would be above you and laughing at your stupidity and foolish hubris. Pride will be the end of Man.

Yours truly



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