A sense of numbness overcame me as I was reading this pathetic softcover book titled “TSGS 12”. My dear R, you deserve to be flamed, much like your publisher. You call your book the “True…”? Well, I could have pardon you for your egostical trangression the first time round that you wrote or put together a flim flam of stories in your so-called Book 1. However, time and time again you test us, you test our ability to strike back do you? You test our existence, however much we do not like to be in the limelight. You test our immortal patience, you test our iron wills, you test our anger and ceaseless fury. I tell you, we are not bound to anger easily. We are not as fragile and submissive to hubris as you weak humans. However, do not seek, I repeat, do not seek to test the limits of us. You will not like the repercussions of such trespassing. Don’t try new stunts R.

Your book is jarring to say the least. Preposterously insulting and demeaning! Never ever label this kind of low-graded humbug trash as true. For it is not. Don’t lower yourself to hypocrisy as the others dear R. I know for a fact that you are not that. Flip to the pages of 137 if you will dear readers out there. Go and take a look at that falsely labelled Special Story. Does it not remind you of a Chinese B-graded cheesy movie? Surely you can be better than that R. Did you not filter your stories? Or has wearing the hood cut off the oxygen to your celebral organ? Or did you even possess one in the first place? I don’t mean to defame you or what my dear, but somehow, this really strikes me in all the wrong places. How could you ever let these people rape your book with senseless stories that are full of falsehoods? I pity you. I pity you that such a work of art (or not) has stooped to such low standards. And your team of ghost writers. Yes, I do believe they are ghost writers. Writers that do not exist, false writers.

Falsehoods everywhere. False prophets. Anitchrist. Doomsday. Armageddon. Hypocrisy rules the Earth with his sword and shield. And you all humans are blind to see it. Blinded by the shades of Greed and Lust. I pity the world. What a sad state that you all have landed yourself in.

Yours truly


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