Dead of the night
At the height of winterchill
Smell of kerosene burning
From the lamp in the perpetual darkness
In a wood shed yonder

A infinitesimial speck of light
Trying its best to
Drive away the dark

The little girl curled in the corner
Red cloak in tatters
Mindless of the cold
Dead to the world
Dull to its stupidity

To the great feast beyond
And riches of the mind

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One thought on “Innocence

  1. You know I would continue regardless. =)

    The truth, what is the truth? Some sick perverse joke of reality? Oh, how reality mocks us. Alas, there was no hurt in your truth, I fear the immunity towards hurt have already manifested itself within me. Education hurls at us such monstrous boulders that we eventually find ourselves crushed under their enormity. Grades are relative, just a letter and a number printed beside a subject. But why does a mere printed number dictate one’s future so? Why are they judging us on our intelligence? Does it mean that if one is stupid, then he/she will forever be condemned to a low-paying job?

    Pardon me, I am still caught in the midst of my angst.

    But yes, how?
    Drowning in my rage, I found myself completely clueless.

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