Letter #15-Irony

Darkness, I don’t think I can live without it. For Darkness my dear, she is my Muse and my inspiration, my fountain of wealth, where all my knowledge springs from. All I know of that is if Light appears and Darkness retreats, I’ll have nothing to speak about, nothing to write about. Which is what is happening now. Absolutely stupefying! How do you write when there is nothing for you to write at all?? Impossible senoritas!

Just to give you an example of positivity:

I just love my workplace. Can you imagine a bar wherer when someone asks you to rinse a pint glass and draft a beer for him, the bartender uses beer to rinse it??!! Lol..I love my bartenders man..

That was a very terrible example. It just gives me the shivers thinking about it….

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One thought on “Letter #15-Irony

  1. Heh, the last part was supposed to be ironic, if you process it the right way. =D

    I went to poke around at the forum, but alas,
    I am still not one who enjoys forums much.
    It was an interesting read though.

    Ah yes, definitely. It’ll rock my socks.

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