Little Pieces

Satin red blankets around curves,
A little bit of blood around the face,
Oh my such a beautiful moment,
Let me perforate your little heart.

I can’t let you scream around here,
So put your pain inside a little kiss,
Wrap your lips around my knife,
So that your skin can fall apart.

Eyes wrapped in crimson blood,
Fingers raping every single pore.
Let your screams be your death,
I want my knife to take your breath.

And this music of your screams,
Makes this moment a perfect drug.
Voices echo your gentle shrieks.
I think I am falling away to hell.

Slowly twisting your fragile bones,
I hear little cracks inside your flesh.
Metal nails make a hole on your chest.
I want to rip apart your gentle breasts.

Let me desecrate you one more time,
I wonder if my kisses make you numb,
And if my touch makes you brake apart.
Let my fangs be your noble redeemers.

Pale neck with purple swollen paths,
Ready to be caressed by my ripped lips,
Let me step on your bleeding heart.
And then I’ll boil your blood and drink it.

I just want to be taken away from hell,
I guess blood becomes my addiction,
Little drug of mines let mi kill you softly,
I just want to cut you into little pieces.

Courtesy of DeadlyReaper

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1 thought on “Little Pieces

  1. Very disturbing poem indeed. I was half expecting someone to jump at me from behind and sever my head whilst reading it.

    It’s okay,
    I suppose you spent nice ‘countdown’ then, as I had with my shadow. =)

    Lucky you.
    You have a week, I only have a day. =(–>

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