Dance of The Red

Dance of the red
Against the pretty pale white
Look above you
The snow is falling
And so is your blood

I love you yes I do
Til my heart aches and screams
Underneath the mistletoe
I first saw you
All clothed in black
My dear pussy cat

Ah yes I do love you
My fair maiden of the darkness
To you I giveth my heart
Surrender my soul too if need be

Do you feel it pumping for you
Beating so softly ever in your tender hands
My heart is with you

Oh what a foul betrayal then!
What have you done to me?
To twist my heart into pieces
I see in it a thousand reflections
Of my Self
In a thousand hundred shards

I lose my Self in those reflections
What am I without and within?

In the Dance of the Red I was
Caught up in the Redness/madness
Engulfed me and I became Another

My senses took leave of me
And fled for another vessel
I could remember the look
Of horror in the windows of your Soul
Like something gone awry

Did you feel the pain
The searing hot feeling of the blade
And how orifice after orifice opened up
Gaping holes of darkness

Dance with me for the last time ma cherie
Upon this I pledge my soul
As the final melody ends

You can go to Hell for all I care
And rot in its eternal damnation
With weasels and worms
And may fire burn your very soul
As it burns mine now



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