Letter#-11Maneo Manere Mansi Mansum Intransit

Insofar as I know, I love the night. I always do. The cloak of darkness shrouding all in secrecy, revealing nothing without the presence of light. The cool whispers of the night breeze caressing your cheeks like a forgotten lover. The eerie glow of the night lights juxtaposed against the depth of the darkness, always trying to drive away the darkness but failing to. It is just so beautiful, so appealing and erotic to the lost soul.

My dear reader. do you follow your dreams and your passion? Or are you like the headless bunch of people out there following the herd like lemmings? Heading towards certain death…Do you have the mental courage and strength to follow and pursue your dreams? Some do, some don’t. Perhaps I may belong to the latter, but then please forgive me for there is no lack of trying.

I have thoughts, random noises from the white noise, to quit studying and to take up my passion. But as I am clearheaded and not under the influence of certain liquids, I desist. Must I follow the path of everyone? Can’t I not take the Road Less Taken?

Yours truly


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3 thoughts on “Letter#-11Maneo Manere Mansi Mansum Intransit

  1. Thanks. I was beginning to suspect I am aging prematurely, hahaha. I face the same old statement “FIFTEEN? Hahah, don’t bluff me lah. You must be eighteen.” each time I meet someone new. Which gets annoying, really.

    Then I suppose most young Singaporeans are too caught up in deciding what to wear tomorrow to produce any coherent lines of thought.

    About your post, my take on this is finish education, that will provide you the foundation for everything else. After that, you will have ample time chase down your dreams. Patience, my friend. (speak for myself, hahah.)

    Anyhow, mine’s last monday, on the 13th. Yours?
    Oh, and a happy belated birthday to you too. =)

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