Letter #10

The sun always sets. I would like to point out now that I am very contented where I am now, doing my job and all, staying until 4 am in the morning chatting with people I would like to call my friends instead of colleagues. “Colleagues” is such a cold and clinical term. However, happiness always has to end somewhere. In a short period of time, all this is going to end.

Darkness always prevails upon this material world, testing upon the limits of every mortal being, giving the truer measure of the dark pink organ that pumps copper red blood to every individual crevice of your body.

Do realise that if you find a job that is your passion, you will never ever look upon it as a job at all but as a passionate hobby. You will never dread going to work, for that word will cease to exist. Everything will be enjoyable for you. Just like what I am doing now. However, sad to say, this will never be a full time job for me. This papier mache world is too materialistic for such a job to be sustainable. That’s is why you see a lot of PRs in the service industry. Converting the Sing dollar back to their exchange rate is very profitable.

The transcience of the world. Like cherry blossoms against the dark black boughs of Tokyo. One moment there blooming like wildfire. The next dead as the bitterness of the winter.

I believe he is all but back. Who is the one talking now? The sane or the insane? To the insane, the sane are the insane. So which comes first?

Yours truly


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One thought on “Letter #10

  1. Then I apologize for my shallowness. Society makes one immune to positive facts, we become cold-hearted creatures, thinking that reality is one big joke. I don’t quite know how to put it, but after all the lies people tell to convince you that you’re good, not because you really are, but because they feel it is required of them to ‘console’ you..
    Oh, what hypocrisy.

    If you look closely, there a reasonable lot of ‘intellectual’ blogs that are locally produced, though the numbers are (very) small.

    Alas, my age. I admit that what I type more or less condescends my age. Just turned 15 last week, taking my ‘O’s next year.

    Have a good day ahead.

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