Letter #9

I have just returned home to my creature comforts, lazing on my chair in front of my laptop hammering away listening to the internet radio of some techno-dance mix. Very interesting. And very tired too.

I was dispatched for catering service today at the Mexican Ambassador’s house. It was his Christmas party, for friends or colleagues, I have absolutely no idea. Yes sir, we do catering service if you desire. Bartenders included. With chefs and waiters too. I have some ugly things that I want to say about the event, but that would be nearing defamation, and I’m not so out of my head to do that as my other persona. Suffice to say, all the staff there weren’t exactly jumping with Christmas joy and spreading the cheer.

I can see the clock’s hands ticking closer and closer to six. It is time for me to sleep I guess. If not, I will be like a zombie tomorrow, which is no different from me being a ghoul everyday.

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One thought on “Letter #9

  1. You really should lay off the flattery now, yes? I’m not quite accustomed to feeling embarrassed. =)
    I’ve frequented the place since young, well, you get the idea.

    Orchard? That is place is just teeming, teeming with people people, noisy people. Makes one want to run at them with a butter knife, begging, screaming for them to shut up. Ach. But it’s not a library so I’ve got no say. Ahahah.

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