Snow swirling down drops of white against the black sky
Falling so slowly like in the stasis of time
On the outstretched pink tongue of mine
A cold sensation runs through my celebral organ

Images flooded the sensory perceptors
Of spring summer and autumn
Memories of love and hate
Of past better forgotten
Of things that were not meant to be

I see her dancing happily on the ice lake
With another face that I couldn’t see
Veiled in a glossammer of darkness
Much to my chargin
While I’m still caught up in the throes
Melancholy and despair rings like a true bell

Given a chance perhaps
All this was for the best
But somehow one couldn’t resist thinking
Of what could be but it would be forcing
The north and south to come together

As the snow gently caresses my face
And the melodies of carolling in the far distance city lights
Washes over me with a calm like morhphine

I am content
To lie in the white
And let the whiteness comfort me
And snuggle in its comfort

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