Baby in Flames

Fury of a firestorm
Lashing upon a thatched house
Standing alone in the wildness

Just like his anger of
Seeing her standing
With so many guys as
If nothing happened

A newborn baby
Wrapped in silk
Like the cocoon of death
Fire licking at his limbs

More…He feels as helpless
Looking at what was happening
What could he do to
Fate changes nothing for him
A cruel mistress

The infant struggled against his binds
Hands and legs bound alike
Trying to go against
His cruel mistress

His fists crunched into balls
Immersing into every sin he could
Just to forget the pain and the happiness
In her eyes of onyx

But as the infant burnt in the fire
Wails of distress carried over the woods
To unfeeling people of stone
In the cities of Babylon and Atlantis

He went against the flow
But his eyes cried for help
“Who shall be his saviour!”
No one batted an eyelid or even cared

As the baby slowly burn
The flames rejoicing in the loss of innocence
All the fats oozing out of the meat
A feast fit for the king

As he was even corrupted
A good soul lost
One that nobody bothered
He turned and cackled
“All ye here shalt pay for ye deeds…”

And that day the world howled
For the loss of sanity and the beginning of
Madness reborn

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