Once A Templar

Dreams of a spired tower
In the dark bowels of hell or heaven
He couldn’t really see
It was all black you know
Not much like the heavens or hell
Told in the storybook

Fires blazing
In the Window of the tower
An angry red licking at the cold stone
Trying to change the immutable
Is that supposed to happen you see
No one really told him before

Screams of despair and help
Fills the air of burnt flesh and smoke
A girl languishes at the window
A call for help
To him in the shining armour over the yonder
He turns and gallops
To the rescue of the lady in distress

He never knew that
All was not what seems
A siren in disguise an old hag for blood
Of the Templar Knights
And that night she feasted on the
Brains and flesh of that very
Fool that was him

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