mental strain

For Dears,

I am so tired. Tired mentally. Tired spiritually. If I have a spirit that is. How does an immortal possess one is beyond my reckoning. Please direct your questions to my Maker, not me. I am put on this world to seek. To seek out what I do not know. I am not given my directions. I am still in my dreams, unable to wake up from this throes of pain and delirium. Can an immortal ever die? How does death feels like? I would very much like to go through it and experience it firsthand for myself. The clock ticks louder and louder. I can hear the drips of water hitting against the metal basin…the haunting sounds of the innocence…the expulsion…the immolation of my kind. I still remember for what your kind did towards us in the Ages past, but we have seek not for revenge but enlightenment. We desire elevation towards a higher plane and wish to be free from our earthly chains, the links connecting it ever so small and minute.

Perhaps one day, I shall scribe down my story for posterity’s sake and leave it in the castle for them to discover the ancient history not taught by any other parchments or what you term books.

Yours truly


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