Primrose in the WIld

Tormented music of memories sing
Lost soul quivers in a bow
One look a release and you are gone
Leaving not a whisper, note nor sign

Oh Em! Where art thou in thy dark heavens
A twinkling brighter than the stars above
Like a beacon thou reach out to me
Raven hair cascades over yon shoulder
Of the palest translucent complexion
Ever so inviting

Like white in the dark
Sensuous curves beg me please
To bite it with full relish
And drain thou dry of emotion
With my torrential flood of passion
A goblet of red in my hands
A tip a swig and it goes there

Try as thou may to curb or stop
’Twas better to stop the glorious sun
From rising in the east a cast of gold
Than to ask me to stop my love for thee

Oh Em! How cruel art thou?
To leave me in the morning sun
With naught for memory
But the smell of primrose in your hair

As much as thy want it so
’Twas better to stop the
Primrose growing in the wild
Thou can’st stop my love for thee

Pray thee tell me young lad
Where canst my sweetheart Em be found?
So that I may follow her so
To the deepest depths of Hell if need
Or to the peaks of Heaven she may be

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