I neglect to update you on my daily events my vampling. My apologies. I have been so worn out lately. Lost direction for quite a while…I did not know how to get back, til some sweet Source called out to me. Tumultous day tis hath been. Two of my acquaintances, CH and M, had unwelcome shocks today. I shall not elaborate, but I feel for the two of them. Unjust treatment was met out and something has to been done. They done nothing wrong to deserve such things. But they were strong not to take it too harshly. Good character.

To quote, “At every major school leaving examination, I reminded them: ‘There are two examinations here, one academic, the other one to test your resilence–how well you cope with stress.’

‘While the first one is important, the second is even more important. Even if you don’t do too well in the first one, I would be proud of you if you do well in the second.”My younger son has this posted on his wardrobe: Who says winners can’t fail? I can fall but I will get up again.

‘Education is a marathon. Life is a journey…’

I am getting all mushy over mortals here but you do get my point do you dear? And in any case, our kind don’t fall. If we do, we take down the bunch of bastards who brought us down with us together.

Yours truly

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