Iris~Messenger of the Gods and Goddess of the rainbow

Unexpectedly, my mood was quite upbeat today. None of the usual pain and monochrome vision that I see the world through. I have no idea why. As usual. C told me yesterday night why is my Autumn of blood and tears, of love lost and falling leaves. She said it should be colourful. I answered, “Not my autumn. It will never be colourful. It’s transient, the passing of beauty.”

I have added a lunar counter to this tome of madness for tis quite a novelty to me. Can you see where the lunaris is from your location? I cannot. I am all sheltered in this stone fortress, where loneliness prevails. Where it shelters yet it attacks. A paradoxical construct if there ever was one. Be in good health my dear reader. Do take care…for life is but a passing, a turn of the wheel, a blink in the eyes of the gods. Live it with meaning and without regrets. For mine is full of regrets. Alas, the wheel cannot be turned back. And so I ploughed on senselessly, without hope, without joy.

A chore to me

Yours truly



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