Black Knight

Grant me wings of might to fly
To soar to the heavens above
To seek
Where on earth I cry in tears of blood
Mourn The One I have never find
Me devoid of foolish love

Give me a heart of gold
To feel what she feels
For me
I return a stone with no moss
Unfeeling and dead that I am
Me devoid of colours

Or if that is too much to ask

Grant me wings of steel
To descend to the hells below
To burn
Where I will be happier instead
Of the living dead earth
Nothing is what it seems
Joyous suffering it be

Give me a heart of blackness
No longer can I be hurt
Cruelty becomes me
A twisted figure of flesh

But I think I would prefer

Wings of steel and
Heart of blackness
Never again to be hurt or to suffer
Rather someone else suffer
Than to have

Wings of might and a heart of gold
Hurt yet again and again
Eyes red and heart broken
Might reduced and gold tainted
In this despairingly lonely universe

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