Hello my dear, sorry that I haven’t had time to sit down proper and have a good chat with you. Do pardon me please? I was so caught up with my worldly pursuits. Anyway, I do have a gift for you later. Hope that may placate you.

Had an interesting conversation this morning, in the wee hours of 3. Someone, I shall just call Y, said that I look like Fido. Hahaha, what an amusing thought. Though I am not that thin of course. But rather my hair looks like, Y pointed out. *smiles*

How was your day? Was it good? It rained quite a bit, hope you didn’t get caught in the rain? Yesterday it poured too. What nice weather. I was actually thinking of rain when it rained. About Kiss of the Rain, or something to that extent.

Something mortal struck me today. How do you tell what is the difference between love and a crush? Do you know exactly which is which? *smiles* Please, it has nothing to do with me. Don’t raise your eyebrows at me like that. Seems like I have gone on for long enough…Time for A Faery’s Welcome…

Yours truly


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