In the throes of delirium
As I thrashed about four limbs in a strait jacket
Faint with terrifying fear or a burning fever
I cannot draw the line

Where do I draw it?
Between lustful longings or pure passion
As I see you I’m mesmerized
You look like a girl I know
Ever so sweet and gentle

By devouring you
I will see a glimpse of heaven
In all its fiery glory
Or is that hell in cold flames?

Where do I draw the line?
Between rational reasoning and instinctive intuition
My guts tell me to go for it
But I feel like reaching for poison ivy
Stung and whipped into reality

By accepting you
My life will be complete
The final chapter written
Or is that the Reaper waiting for me?

Where do I draw the line?
Between faithful feelings or astray a’wanderings?
I am sorely tempted just to succumb
To you and not fight anymore
But I will be dead
Like countless others before
That you have them addicted
Hanging onto you like dead bodies
Puppeteer of life

If I accept you
I will probably see purgatory
And be grabbing poison ivy
With the Reaper beside me his scythe ever ready

And with that I draw the line
Where you stand on that side of the darkness I stand in the light
Contented where I am though a mortal being
Of no longevity and notoriety
But still human and not void of feelings

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