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Hello my sweetie, I am back from a very mundane day. Nothing much was accomplished today, but what’s new right? Only the sands of time continues its unrelentless march, never caring to stop for anyone else. All I have to show for my efforts is this poem that I am going to show you, Ecstasy, which doesn’t count for much at all. It is the happiest writing (to me) that I have ever undertaken. And I feel that it has a very smooth flow to it.

My acquaintance at Florida has agreed for me to post her works here as long as I give due credit. My my, since when would I not give credit where it’s due? Particularly to such a gifted and talented writer. You would weep tears of blood when you see her works I promise. More talented than mine I think. At least she writes with alarming continuality, which I am unable to match. So with the progress of next week, I shall start featuring some of her works.

By the way, I feel that it is time for me to make the introductions. I go by the alias Rafael Tussand. Or you can call me raffy for short. No caps please. Where do I live? Currently not in Vatican of course, that is such a dreary and cold place to live. I happen to be residing somewhere near the equator now, a hot and humid place. That is all I wish to disclose for the moment. Good night and enjoy~

Yours truly


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