Hello to my dear reader, how have you been today? Was your day good to you? Or was she very naughty? Mine was so so. I went back to work today, and have just came back…My mortal body’s exhausted, but I forced it to write at the risk of it collasping haha. Working as a bartender is actually quite enjoyable to me. I like my job, which is kind of weird. It keeps weird hours too, just right for nocturnal me. Today’s business was not too bad, kind of packed during the happy hours but it slowed to a trickle at the later part.

My fellow bartender and I had some interesting discussions when we were at one point, quite free. He said that all the rich people was out there enjoying themselves, drinking and eating to their hearts’ content while we the relatively poor were down here (as in our work place) slaving our asses off. The cafe caters to a relatively rich cliente. And I was thinking, “That’s life for you.” What did you expect? People born with a silver spoon in their mouths tend to have it better. For us, we have to carve our own spoons and feed ourselves.

I don’t know how to say it, but as George Orwell puts it magnificently in Animal Farm, “All are born equal, but some are more equal than others.” The hell with meritocracy. Society is based on nothing but a pack of lies. We all say it is a meritocratic society, but in truth, how often do you really think that is so? Do you really advance on the social ladder based on merits or rather by which family you were born into? Given that you are hardworking and beautiful yes, can you rise to the same social standing as Paris Hilton without money? All these are questions that continually plague my restless mind and the ghosts have yet to be put at ease. To lighter topics my dear, this is deadly brooding.

How did you find my Chorus of Carnations my dear? Is it good? As I have already said, it’s one of my longest. After that, I was feeling brain dead. Well, to answer melancholic, I draw it from the songs I listen to and from the pain in my heart. Sometimes, for no reason, it just grips my heart so tightly. Like today. Out of nowhere. I was just walking. *sighs* Anyway, do you write too melancholic? You must share your thoughts with me sometime. I eagerly await.

Yours truly

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