Last Glimpse

I saw it being lowered
Into the orifice of earth
A single rose lying on it
Blood red petals, withering

The rain continued, neverending
I’ll never know, if it’s my tears or the rain
The hurt always in my heart
Like an endless waterfall, my pining for you

It ended with a thud
I can almost hear you groaning
Twisting and turning in your sleep

Do you know I caught a last glimpse of you?

You face unmarred, peaceful
As if fixed in a beautiful stasis
Untouched by time

You would never bloom again
Like a rose unfolding on a sweet spring, revealing its beauty
They too have returned to their roots

I wish for us to be together
But that is impossible
I only hold you in my mind
And the last scene of us I can recall

It has ended
The scene fading as I remembered
I’ll always hold you dear in my heart
With my precious last glimpse of you

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